Montage of Happy Smiling Many People Close-up. Concept of Multi Ethnic and Multi-Cultural Persons. Casual Female and Male Diverse Background of Lips. Bright Expressive Emotional Fun and Joy Lifestyle

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Author Pixelove
Video ID HD-1075426577
Duration 11.92 sec.
Adult content NO
Aspect ratio 16:9
Published July 06, 2021
Categories People
Health Care
Top 5 Video Keywords Attractive female
Caucasian women
European youth
Positive emotion
Variation ethnicity

Video keywords

adult male african american attractive female authentic confidence beauty lips bright emotive caucasian women charming expression cheerful asian closeup portrait beautiful girl colorful variety dental healthcare different people diverse collage diversity face european youth expressive laughing facial skin friendship generation front view fun laugh great optimistic handsome men happiness model happy young head composition healthy tooth indian citizen life montage man smile mixed race modern unity mouth teeth multi ethnic multicultural communication multiethnic equality multiple background multiracial group opportunity globalization positive emotion positivity human pretty casual success lifestyle successful team togetherness community unrecognizable person variation ethnicity various concept white black woman smiling

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