Sound waves+Dance of lines and light [ COLLECTION 20+With GREEN + ORANGE Color ]-[Version from 1 to 12 ] + " Thing Different+You can find every week new Footage+Have a look at the other Footage series

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Author Videomatic
Video ID HD-3191860
Duration 6 sec.
Adult content NO
Aspect ratio 16:9
Published December 28, 2012
Categories Art
Top 5 Video Keywords Disc new play spiral
Flashlight and spotlight
Frame purple texture
Sound waves virtual set loop
Stage lighting clip

Video keywords

abstract celebrate background active seniors animation objects art design element artistic design audience from stage big radio wave computer graphics digital media ball glowing digitally generated image disc new play spiral dj studio shot dot fx glowing blue electronics sphere grid entertainment flash bulb floodlight flashlight and spotlight floodlights color wheel frame purple texture fun action hypnotic spiral geometric shapes growing moving boxes hd 1920x1080 footage hit cheerful young holiday festival music hud painting wall india circle pattern live concert crowd mandala line art ring music stage fashion show neon vertical lines new year celebration nice shape diamond pink neon glow point of sale display reflection in mirror render motion effects rotating door motion graphics rotor twist intro sound waves disco party sound waves virtual set loop sports recreation spot light stage spotlight background stadium open sign stage lighting clip stage spot light technology studio set ultra shine digital art white wire polygonal

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